To help inspire me when I work out or to resist temptations that are within the fridge or in the stores, a girl has to have a role model she can look to.

Or three.

Role Model #1: Angelina Jolie


Jolie playing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider was cool, don’t get me wrong, but the role that made me wish I was Angelina? Mr. & Mrs. Smith. I’ve lost count how many times I have watched that movie. I love at the beginning of the movie, her character is primarily shown in the light of Little Ms. Homemaker when she gets home from work, wearing her sweaters looking so clean and neatly polished as she cooks dinner or talks about curtains. But then the first clue of her balancing on a chair… Then her assassin assignments. Then the battle royale with her husband that destroys their house in the process, and the fact that she can take just as much as she dishes out. And yet having a vulnerable side.

Role Model #2: Gwen Stefani


Minus the bling, I love the playful punk look that Stefani has. I love most of her music, I admire her attitude. She’s been a team player with No Doubt but she’s also incredibly strong independently. I also admire that she’s one of the few celebrities that keep a low profile in the media and isn’t living a life that says she’s not capable of handling a fast-lane life style responsibly and intelligently. Her songs are a great lead for encouraging smart, independent girls. Not only does she have a kick-ass attitude, but Stefani looks like she has the ability, too.

Role Model #3: Sydney Savage

SydneySydney 2

My fictional, make-believe, rather unrealistically proportioned role model. If I got to be drawn as a comic by the time I reach my fitness goals, I hope my body would be so flatteringly, exaggeratedly portrayed. Again, another female who’s incredibly intelligent, smoking-hot, and will royally kick your ass with style and a smile. Her curves are feminine, her physique and stance is powerful (though in reality, I’m not sure how strong she’d be with that nearly non-existant waist). I have her action-figure, though I’m going to have to bring her out from my drawer and place her in a prominent place where I can see her as I try to create a healthy life style for myself.

I love all three of these persona’s and physiques. And though I’m sure great genes help, I know you gotta work hard to get bodies like those. I did a little research on Jolie’s training and workouts (and I’m sure Savage’s training’s going to include the same) and while there are some things that I won’t be able to do since I’m a regular middle-class person in a mid-west civilian location (I don’t think “bungee ballet” is an option open to me), there are some things I could realistically try, like kick boxing. But unfortunately, kick boxing is not available this season so…

The other thing I can do is (limited) weapon’s training. I’m not too keen on guns, though I’m sure come spring my S/O would be thrilled to take me to the shooting range with him, right now there is a comparable option available: FENCING!!! And it just so happens the local YMCA that I’m a member of offers classes!

I’ve always been curious and intrigued and romanced by the idea of swordplay, so I signed up for this season’s classes, and the first class is tonight!!! I hear that it’s quite a bit more of a work out than people expect – it’s going to count towards cardio, and I know that it will help me develop a better sense of balance, precision, and discipline. I’m a little nervous, and I know I’m probably going to look like quite a dork for a while, but if I can learn this, how cool would that be, seriously!!!

Here’s to good role models! I hope I do them justice!